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The Clan Cian Research information site [] is dedicated to dispelling the romantized-lore filled-selfserving version of Cianachta-O'Carroll history; used to market the Clan Cian O'Carroll society's membership and goods.

The Clan Cian Research Group and the Ely O'Carroll Researxh Group had been established to demonstrate and display a more accurate account of the histories, traditions and lore of many of the families that inhabited the historical, and/or traditional, [NOT political] geolographical region know as or described as the Ely O'Carroll Country.

The issue that causes the largest problem in varifying the a more accurate view of this region is that, there are few accual records that might be accessed from abroad.

These groups use as source materials only published records that can be verified by crossreferencing materials. While it must be understood that historical inturpertation places a difficult obstackle in the way. The largest body of works to date are based in legend, lore, mythical eras in Irish histories.

In the case of the Clan Cian O'Carroll website, it might seem that the written record might be completed omitted of embellished upon. Examples might be:

1. "Clan Cian is the personal clan of The O'Carroll of Éile O'Carroll." [SRC: ; 05-15-2013 ]

Clan Cian (Cianachta) would more accurately be "family of Cian" or "descended from Cian" or "Seed of Cian" Whereas "The O'Carroll of Éile O'Carroll" is a title not a name, further it is documented and published that the Ele and the Cianachta or of different Irish tribes.

2. The Clan Cian O'Carroll website "Your Surname Connection" page boasts multiple surnames. some even descend from Eoghan and Cas, making then clearly other than Cianachta. While there is little or no explanation as to how or why those names are listed. [SRC: ; 05-15-2013]

While we understand that Irish history is written into song and poem it has been documented and published that there are (8) eight Tuathas (Cantreds) of Ely O'Carroll according to O'Heerin's Topographical Poem; they are: O'Flanigan of Kinel Arga, O'Hegan of Crioch Chein, O'Dooley of Bloyma, the Elyan Mac Guilfoyle, O'Banan of Hy Deki, O'Meaghers of Crioch Keerin, Bearnan Eile, and Tuath Faralt.

Why would this well established, well known poet omitt those multiple surnames in favor of only eight Tuathas?

These are only two examples. The Clan Cian Research Information website [] has been posted to provide for a public awareness of the Clan Cian O'Carroll group, and to demonstrate how our culture, traditions, lore and histories are being exploited to gain advantage of one social heritage society, under the guise of a culturally historical family group.

"They must find it difficult....
Those who have taken authority as the truth,
rather than truth as the authority."
-Gerald Massey

Open Invitation

This research group is dedicated to researching the Clan Cian Group of California 'vs' the Cianacht, [one of thirteen (13) tribes of the Laigin] of Ireland. We extend an Open Invitation to any researchers interested in providing for a more accurate public awareness of the Irish culture, lore, and history; specifically the South-West Midlands of Ireland. With an interest in the region known as the Ely O'Carroll Country. For those interested in the research of The Eile [another of the thirteen (13) tribes of the Laigin] and the Ua Cearbhaill of Eile Ua Cearbhaill [Ely O'Carroll] you might visit The Ely O'Carroll Research Group.

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